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Ryan Oyer Band

Full album “Pinup Queens and Silver Screens”

& E.P. “The Matinee”


Performance on Saturday, Aug. 29th  8pm @ The Camp House


Ryan Oyer's new recorded work gives us a very listenable album to prop up a totally engaging stage show.  ~Robin Merritt, ArtFRONT presentations.

These are good records for the sentimental, the romantically wistful listener who doesn't want to work too hard to enjoy a catchy rock ‘n roll melody and a soothing voice.  First let it be known that the excellent production quality of these recordings leaves no doubt as to sound quality for any of the tracks.  The slightly operatic intro to the first song “St. Cecilia” alerts that this could’ve been one of those epic double albums from the 70's. Notable is that our pick for radio track from “The Matinee” E.P. was recorded live at the same venue where the album release concert will be held.  Finding the most unique and memorable songs and melodic hooks is the main goal in these selections.  There will be no ground breaking lyrical acrobatics here, just solid instrumentation and romantic songs by someone with a strong, pleasant voice of the same nature that captivated listeners of James Taylor and Jackson Browne in the 70's.  Ryan Oyer is of the generation that grew up heavily influenced by Oasis and his discovery of the earlier Beatles phenomenon and John Lennon records.  The audiences who most enjoyed those older artists may turn up at Ryan Oyer’s shows and eventually become the strongest listener bases for his recorded songs.

For his live show, as in many phenomenal band ensembles this straightforward material gives a solid foundation for Ryan Oyer Band's full on rock stage presentation which sometimes borders on moments of pre-psychedelia and works very well with their full light show and the string arrangements The addition of a horn section is a special treat slated for the upcoming album release event August 29th.


From the E.P. “The Matinee

Track  #2. "Right In Love."   “Skynrd-y, Ron Wood-ish guitar interplay by Josh Bates, Ryan Oyer & Michael McDade.  A real rock song with personality and an"engine" behind it.  Recorded live at The Camp House in Chattanooga.

From the full Album “Pinup Queens and Silver Screens"

#4.  Hold On Love”  A great melody that starts slow and builds up to a chill point.  One of Ryan's most memorable songs from his live performances, it builds up to one of the most pleasantly memorable songs on the album.  By the time it's two thirds played it’s gripping leads and melodic structures are in full swing.  Possibly my favorite on the album. ~R.

#10.  Is This What I've Been Waiting For?” Excellent intro for radio, it also got a vote from our "civilian" judge.  Possibly the most suitable track on the album for commercial radio stations. 

#11. “When She Comes Around  builds into some really nice electric guitar work by Danimal Pinson, Butch Ross & Ryan Oyer. (Butch Ross is also credited with mellotron on this track!) This instrumental proves the band can venture into psychedelic rock.

#12. “The Traveler” Best guitar intro on the album. Another of Ryan's more highly recognizable tunes from live performance.  This is the one song that got a vote from ALL the people we asked which songs they’d expect to hear on the radio. 

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