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Rollo Greb


Appearing @  Barking Legs Theatre, 1307 Dodds Ave.   Chattanooga

Friday April. 11th  with Megan McCormick  & 1  T.B.A.


CD,  E.P.  Rollo Greb


To categorize these songs as blues rock, Southern rock or indie southern bluesy psychedelic tinged with a bit of 1960’s organ and background harmony does the quality of the songwriting and production injustice.  Simply put this is a very well produced and very catchy bunch of songs by a young rock group that are steeped in the new tradition of high end musical education.    Part of the Murfreesboro TN school of music and record production The Brothers Brian and Brandon Dempsey make up the core of Rollo Greb, with recent additions to the band, Cody Blaine who has consistently impressed live audiences with his solo performances in and around Chattanooga, Knoxville and Murfreesboro, TN.  Harlan Smith also joins the new group after playing in his duo project with Cody Blaine called Bent symphony.

There are melodic high points that recall 1960’s era soul-gospel organ backed ballads moving forward through the likes of  Tom Petty style song  arrangements that   plateau  with some vocal work that at first might seem off-putting but quickly levels out in the spectrum of some of the finest vocal work that Bob Dylan ever did.

The high quality of the vocal arrangements plus the underlying urge to rock very hard in a new regional tradition reminiscent of Black Diamond Heavies fortells the coming of what could be a new Tennessee rock phenomenon.  Melodic in the manner of Wilco,  and sophisticated in execution with a little bit of dirt and grit thrown in to add some abrasion to the prettiness of the songwriting, this group could end up soaring through  the neo-psychedelic  flavored haze and writing some very substantial and long lived music if they keep moving along this path.

I look forward to bringing this group to town for their first Chattanooga performances and if all goes well with the band look for them to play around here and the entire region quite a bit before moving on to bigger pastures.


All songs are  “Radio Safe”  The most impressive which are  geared toward airplay being track  #2.  “Broken Wire” and  # 3.  “Sister”    with  #1  “Flatland” being the most aggressively rock oriented song.


Track #          Title

1.                  Flatland

2.                  Broken Wire

3.                  Sister

4.                  Sadie

5.                  Dear Lady